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 i went on a party saturday night and the motto actually was "suit up!" and i was quite glad cause i wanted to wear this outfit for so long! i had a really great time, laughed a lot and the people were so nice! :)
so this is what i was wearing:
☻h&m skirt and blouse (gosh, i'm so in love with polka dots!)
☻h&m clutch i bought ages ago, but i thoght it made a nice contrast with the black look
☻Ellen Tracy shoes (actually, i don't know the brand, found them at tk maxx and fell in love) 

i always want to buy less at h&m because everyone buys there but then i'm searching through all the stores and can't find the perfect piece and in the end i always find it at my h&m store so i have looots of h&m clothes but nevermind ;)

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