let it be.

I'm kinda busy at the moment, a lot of homework to do and shit like that. But we renovated my room, it's beige now and i got a new mirror and new curtains :))


urgh, so much to do! I'm sorry we're posting so infrequently at the moment - it'll get better, i promise!


my back-to-school-outfit :)

i was wearing a bright jeans by MANGO, a lace shirt with collar, several rings and grey budapester shoes.
It was funny to listen to all the comments people made about my outfit - my brother just told me i look old, my french teacher said  i look like i just had communion :D but i still love the outfit, it's innocent but also grungy.
School started well, but the next week is gonna be like hell, every day tests, presentations or something else. But probably the time afterwards is gonna be pretty relaxed :)


new in

from left to right:
tank top - H&M
lace shirt - vero moda
mint nail polish - P2
Mint T - H&M 

Yeah, that's not much, but i'm so happy - I'm obsessed with lace and mint colored stuff! And i can only recommend ZARA's new collection. I was a little short on money so i didn't buy anything there but i certainly will somewhen this season :)


i found a white jute bag at home and today i finally painted it :) i had the idea for the motive yesterday night, it's inspired by tumblr ;) i'm damn proud and i'm gonna wear it tomorrow when i go shopping. maybe i'll do a new in post soon :)