Finally! My cross ring

Finally, my cross ring arrived! :)  I'm so damn proud. Can't wait to wear it tomorrow!
And by the way: i'm so in love with the weather! it makes me just so happy to see that the sun is shining.


put another record on, play it on repeat

 i went on a party saturday night and the motto actually was "suit up!" and i was quite glad cause i wanted to wear this outfit for so long! i had a really great time, laughed a lot and the people were so nice! :)
so this is what i was wearing:
☻h&m skirt and blouse (gosh, i'm so in love with polka dots!)
☻h&m clutch i bought ages ago, but i thoght it made a nice contrast with the black look
☻Ellen Tracy shoes (actually, i don't know the brand, found them at tk maxx and fell in love) 

i always want to buy less at h&m because everyone buys there but then i'm searching through all the stores and can't find the perfect piece and in the end i always find it at my h&m store so i have looots of h&m clothes but nevermind ;)


because true friendship never ends.

just rediscovered my old polyvore account and found this photo. i took it ages ago, i think i was about 12 or something ;) but i still love it so much and it's a nice reminder that, if you believe in them, good things last forever.


how to save a life

weather's so great today so i had to post some pictures i shot spontaneously while walking outside with a friend of mine. sorry for the quality - i had no camera with me so i had to use my cellphone.


looks like some one drugged me - they wanted to unplug me

what looks like a dress is actually a skirt and a tee, both by H&M, the blouse is by mango and the necklace is also by H&M.
I'm just so happy that it's warm again and i can wear skirts again :)