as a shoe-maniac i've just gotta show u my favourite ones. i totally adore them and i'm wearin' them to everything. really. they give a neat clashing with most things and best of all: they're sooo cushy! 

bought them at H&M DIVIDED


review: john frieda - go blonder

I used to hate being blonde and always wanted to dye my hair brown when i was younger. That was because as soon as it turns winter and the sun is shining so little, my hair color turnes to an ugly ash blonde. Well that was why i sarted to use the "go blonder" products by john frieda. and i have to admit: i'm really content! They make my hair look like it's summer again :) the shampoo is good, but if your hair is dry i would recommend the conditioner, cause the shampoo damages the hair a little. My hair is not so healthy because i'm straightening it every day so i usually use the conditioner. The spray is very useful when i notice that my hair is too dark and than i just damp it and use the spray and dye it and then it's bright again :)


when dreams come true :)

i haven't been able to post for a while cause i was at my grandparents', helping them to restore their house.  I'm no carnival person so it wasn't that bad aaaaaand i finally got my epiano - i'm so happy!! i've played the piano for 6 years, but when i got about 12 i stopped and my dad selled it. well it was only 2 years later when i noticed the huge mistake i had made. after years of regret i finally decided to buy an epiano (cause it's cheaper ;)).  It's by kawai, cause i have a special favour for this brand, i love their pianos. Playing again is just so overwhelming. I'm learning "i see the light" from the movie tangled cause i adore this movie, it's the cutest thing i've ever seen!


let's talk about music

Jared Leto at SAP arena in Mannheim - absolutely unforgettable moment

we're both using the website "lastfm.com".There u can download the so-called "scrobbler", a program displaying the songs u listen via itunes or windows media player directly on ur profile and creating an individual ranking. I'm using it every day and am actually quite obsessed ;)
These are the links of our profiles, if u're interested in our taste :) My personal favorites are 30 seconds to mars, the redhot chili peppers and nirvana.


my heart skips a beat

i've been searching for a polka dot blouse for ages and i finally found it (like everything i've been ever looking for for ages) at my h&m store. looooove it! :)

this is how i combined it: my mango blazer and my boots (which are not visible in the picture but i think i'm gonna make a post about 'em soon


cosmic love

So this post is about a someone who really inspires me:
Florence Welch!
I'll add some pictures so you can visualize it much better.
She's beautiful and i love her hair! I'm thinking about having my hair dyed like her?



random sunday post

i'm spending my sunday doing my bebop-presentation, it has to be ready tomorrow and lazy me didn't start till today. while studying i always need something chocolaty and this is what i made today: a hot choclate with marshmallows :) (i already burned my tongue, but it's hyper delicious)
actually i wanted to show you the new polka dotted blouse i bought yesterday but as my family is out taking a walk or something and the reflex cam actually belongs to my dad i can't :( maybe i'll just do it tomorrow, let's see.


Size matters.

well, who could've guessed it? yeah, i'm obsessed with bags (and shoes, of course ;))
so here it is, my latest treasure: an esprit clutch - a lot of space and it looks amazing with nearly everything!


and all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be

so this is my new bandshirt- as you can see, it's by Pink Floyd - in my opinion one of the best bands ever - and i really love it.

shirt by H&M
bandshirts are always great to wear but- don't wear a bandshirt if you don't know the band!



It's too cold outside for angels to fly...

and that was the perfect opportunity for me to try out an idea for an outfit. i felt pretty nerdy, but actually i kinda liked it. it's soo warm (which was veeeery necessary, cause it was about -5 degrees celcius in germany today and i still don't own a winter jacket cause it hate 'em! - winter jackets are probably the most unfeminine things on earth).  i wore it with black jeans an my beloved boots
- the pullover is by hallhuber, the blouse by mango and the cam is the canon eos 40D.