it's true - i crave you

some things i got recently. i'm kinda surprised i never mentioned my hunger games obsession yet. i read through all the books in german and got so hooked that i just had to buy the books and i wanted to know the original so i bought them in english (12 euro on amazon for all 3 of them!). neverrrr read something better! except maybe for gone with the wind..


5 days of  school trip - tired of people and don't wanna see any one anymore. 
but i guess, actually it was fine. maybe i'll do a new in post tomorrow.



We visited the Déjà-Vu exhibition in Karlsruhe a week ago, it was really great and i kinda fell in love with the Untitled Film Still series by Cindy Sherman. It was rainy and actually still is and there's not that much to post, also because of our exams.. but we will try to post more often :)